“Algernon Blackwood’s The Willows” by Wayne Spitzer (Early Scriptment)

Here’s the original “scriptment” for the planned adaptation of Blackwood’s story. It has since evolved into a first draft screenplay. It will go into second draft, most likely with a co-writer, in March.

Read the scriptment:

“Algernon Blackwood’s The Willows” by Wayne Spitzer (Early Scriptment)


6 Responses to ““Algernon Blackwood’s The Willows” by Wayne Spitzer (Early Scriptment)”

  1. I am also reading parts of ‘X-Ray Rider’ with great interest. Fascinating.

  2. William Medley Says:

    There’s a favorable peer review of this scriptment up at screenwritersutopia.com (***1/2 out of *****).
    Not bad considering it was reviewed, as at Zoetrope Virtual Studio (where it also did well) as a regular screenplay, not an unformatted scriptment.

    From the review:

    “I expected a ‘horror’ movie and got something else entirely – a nice surprise.”

    Read it at:


  3. Jason Smith Says:

    The dream sequence where Sweden’s face spirals in would be tres cool
    Would like to see them get to the island sooner though.

  4. HangingRock Says:

    As a big, fat Blackwood movie (the first!), we could do worse. I like the fact that it takes it’s time getting to the island. It reminds me of KING KONG, where you start out in one world before taking a hard-left into another. I also appreciate how Spitzer has tried to make it interesting to a general audience without losing sight of what makes Blackwood unique.

    There’s also some real nice metaphors going on with the passing trains and river currents and how they reinforce the parrallel dimensions. There’s not much blood and gore in this but if that’s your thing it’s pretty hard to top someone’s face spiralling in “with a sickening crunch!” 🙂

    On the whole I found the story and especially the friendship between the two men quite moving.

  5. […] “Algernon Blackwood’s The Willows by Wayne Spitzer”. […]

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